Keynote Speakers


Professor Carl Nelson, 

Title: Perspectives on 15 years of medical robotics research

 Abstract: As robots become more socially accepted, their applications in critical domains such as medicine will continue to increase.  This talk provides an overview of developments in medical applications of robotics, from surgery to rehabilitation, which have occurred over the past two decades, and presents insights on possible future directions.

Biography: Carl Nelson is a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Lincoln, NE, USA).  His research interests span robotics and mechanical design, with a particular focus on medical applications.




Asst. Prof. Kosta Jovanović,

Title:  Robotic Innovations in Support of the Healthcare Workers against COVID-19 – DIH-HERO perspective

Abstract: Robotics has been once again recognized as one of the key technologies for facing another global challenge – COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 highlighted challenges of physical isolations and distancing, workload of healthcare workers, disinfection procedures, logistics, restriction of motion, and timely medical treatment and rehabilitation. This talk will present an overview of the robotics technologies that are already at the level of maturity to provide response in the pandemic within a limited timeframe. Such technologies are autonomous mobile robots which are capable of fast adaptation for disinfection or hospital logistics. On the other hand, the paper highlights technologies that are not yet ready for wider use and require more time, effort and a price reduction to get closer to real use. The robotic technologies which require direct physical interaction with humans, as robotic intervention or rehabilitation, will still need to wait for the market breakthrough. The standpoint in the paper reflects the outcomes of the industrial experiments supported within the Horizon 2020 project Digital Innovation hubs in Healthcare Robotics (DIH-HERO).

Biography: Kosta Jovanović is Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering (ETF) and Head of ETF Robotics lab. He gained his PhD degree in Robotics in 2016. He gained professional experience in German Aerospace Center (DLR), Technical University of Munich, and company SMS Siemag, all in Germany. His research interests are physical human-robot interaction and collaborative robots. As a principal investigator (PI) on behalf of ETF, he has already participated in 2 H2020 Innovation Actions in the field of industrial (DIH²) and medical robotics (DIH-HERO), and coordinated two cascading H2020 projects in industrial robotics. He is a PI of project ForNextCobot funded by Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia under call of Programe for excellent project of young researchers.



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